We Are 25 Now

It’s been a long time since we’ve done anything here.

We have, of course, released a few titles on our “Sugarblast”:https://sugarblastmusic.wordpress.com label, which we founded in early 2014 as a way to release noisy music to a tiny audience. But since the D. Smith _Groping For Luna, Vol. 1_ title was released in 2013, Dromedary has taken a backseat to the “Signal To Noise” radio show that Al has been hosting on WFDU FM in New Jersey.

That being said, it’s our 25th year in “business.” We should celebrate that. Many of our bands are still bands, their musicians are still making music, and we’re all doing musical things, despite the constant, unstoppable aging process. So during 2018, Dromedary will be active, with lots of memories, special surprises, and even a few releases and such.

So stick around. Bookmark this page. We’ve got stuff happening.