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Footstone Live!

Don’t forget – Footstone will be reuniting for their first show in ten years on Saturday, February 6 at “Maxwell’s” in Hoboken.

If you were part of the New York/New Jersey indie scene in the late 90s, this is big news. If you weren’t, come see what made the band so special.

They’ll be joined on the 6th by a reunited Friends, Romans, Countrymen as well as the Dark Brothers. FRC was another great NY/NJ indie band, two members of which have gone on to form the great band Stuyvesant with Ralph Malanga from Footstone. The Dark Brothers feature Josh Silverman, formerly of Bar/None recording artists Shirk Circus.

Should be a fantastic evening – hope to see you all there.

Here’s a clip of Footstone performing live at a private party this past September, the night that started this whole ball rolling.

Drink a Dromedary!

Friend of Dromedary and cocktail genius Tom of “Tom’s Cocktail Journey”: was cool enough to write about us on his blog this week. Better yet, he invented a cocktail for us!

Tom’s new cocktail is called The Dromedary, the recipe for which he’s posted on his blog. For the benefit of our own readers, I’ll post it here as well – it’s a tequila drink, which makes it fun.

# 2 oz Gran Centanario Tequila anejo
# 0.5 oz Demarera simple syrup
# 0.75 oz lemon juice
# 2 dashes Fee’s whiskey barrel aged bitters

shake and strain into a martini glass
garnish with a lemon twist

I realize we all like the boh here (“boh” is Footstone’s word for “beer,” and if you’re going to come back here often, you’ve got to learn that word), but for those days when you’re required to drink a grown-up drink, now you have one.

And don’t forget to visit “Tom’s Cocktail Journey”: It’s another one of those personal blogs that’s absolutely worth reading, as Tom takes us through his life, cocktail by cocktail.


Footstone Sticker Contest!

Back during the band’s prime, you could find Footstone stickers all over the New York/New Jersey area, and in every city they played. Inside club bathrooms, stuck to the bar, on lightposts and toll baskets, that ubiquitous Footstone logo wallpapered any surface that the band and its fans could find.

Now it’s time to bring back the Footstone sticker.

And we’re offering *big prizes* to the person who can “find” a Footstone sticker in the most unique place.

Don’t have a Footstone sticker? No sweat. You can pick one up dirt cheap in our “merch store”:, or you can sign up for our mailing list and we’ll send you an original, *vintage* Footstone sticker for free!

We’ll select winners based on the coolness of the picture and its location, and we’ll post them online for everyone to see.

Winners will receive *a copy of every record and CD we released in the 90s, along with a bunch of other stuff we distributed.* Basically, if we can dig one up, the winners get a copy. Let us see those stickers!

*PLUS,* each winner will receive a *FREE* high-quality MP3 download of the upcoming Footstone re-issue of Footstone’s _Lippy_ CD!

To enter, simply take a picture of a Footstone sticker in a unique location, and email it to

Time to start looking for those stickers!

Footstone Reunion show Saturday, February 6 at Maxwell’s in Hoboken

Dromedary Records is pleased to announce that New Jersey’s favorite power pop, slop rock quartet *Footstone* will be reuniting for _one night only_, on Saturday, February 6, 2010, at their old haunt, “Maxwell’s”:, at 1039 Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ.

Their first public show together in more than ten years, the band will feature the classic lineup from their mid-90s heyday. Always a band with a reputation as a ferocious live act, Footstone will be taking the stage to support the reissue of their classic 1995 CD, _Lippy_.

Also joining the band will be garage rock trio The Dark Brothers, as well as a special performance from a reunited Friends, Romans, Countrymen.

“Tickets will be available online soon”: Get them quick, they won’t be available long!

Much Loved Jersey-Based Indie Label Dromedary Records Announces Relaunch

New Jersey – With the exhausting demands of the everyday life and gradual decline of that which was The Record Industry, music lover and friend Al Crisafulli put down his beloved Dromedary Records back in 2000. Dromedary, for a time, (through much of the nineties, actually), was an indie rock hotbed and issued releases from such notable local heroes as the Mommyheads, cuppa joe, Footstone, Godspeed, and more.

Now, Crisafulli, for some unknown reason, finds this, the very worst time in the history of the industry, the very best time to re-engage his undying passion for indie rock and resurrect Dromedary. Dromedary Records will re-launch as a label on January 4, 2010, located online at

Like letters to and about a long lost love, Al has been religiously posting dispatches on a blog for the past year at The blog features thoughts, opinions and anecdotes, memories of triumphs and failures, peaks and valleys, complete with a cast of illustrious and colorful music-making characters, some of whom are still around and some who have long since passed from his life, music-making and sadly, the world.

“Over the past year, writing the blog and seeing the response it’s gotten, my passion for doing it has been rekindled,” said Crisafulli. “and even though the music industry has taken a hit over the years, there’s still a thriving underground. So after some prodding from our friends, and some real soul-searching, we’re going to get some good old, guitar-based indie rock back out there for people to hear.”

If you’ve been lucky enough to keep up with the blog, you start to understand life through the eyes of a hopeless music lover who, like many of us, was forced to consider a workaday life of which music was not a part. So, we get our fix where and when we can. For Al, it was Dromedary. There were luckier ones, ie: for Gerard, it was Matador, for Jonathan and Bruce, Sub Pop, but Al’s story is the everyman story and it’s told remarkably well with passionate, funny, frustrating and totally relatable installments that, at once, make you want to start a record label and, well, really not start a record label… but a few reads in and you understand why it is so important for Crisafulli to see if this thing called Dromedary Records still has legs. We’re guessing it certainly does.

Dromedary intends to start by re-releasing many of the titles it initially released when it was an active label in the 90s. “We’ll make them available digitally, so the people who loved the music then can get their hands on it again.” The label also plans to issue other, previously-unreleased material from its heyday, as well as new music from current indie rock artists.

So with that, Dromedary’s initial release will be a digital copy of NJ’s now-defunct power punk luminaries’ Footstone’s 1994 single, “Wobbles From Side To Side,” plus one additional, previously-unreleased track. The recording will be made available for a limited time for free download from the label’s official website:

Dromedary will then follow on February 2, 2010 with a digital-only release of Footstone’s acclaimed, Lippy CD (originally released in 1995). The album will be available in all the leading internet retail stores, including iTunes.

And a rare and special treat for those in and around NYC/NJ: on Saturday, February 6th, Maxwell’s in Hoboken will play host to a Dromedary relaunch show which will include a reunion set from Footstone, along with sets from The Dark Brothers and a reunited Friends, Romans, Countrymen.

Friends and fans of Dromedary Records can surely expect more events and releases throughout the new year.

For more information, please contact Perry Serpa at Good Cop Public Relations. Phone 718 846-0518 or email: