Celebrate the Dog Days of Summer with Five Dollar Downloads!

Well, we’ve been back in business for eight months, and it’s time for us to do something we could never do back in the days before MP3 downloads: have a good old, honest-to-goodness *sale*.

So now, for the month of August, *every full-length download in our catalog* is on sale for *five measly dollars*.

Been listening to the Dromedary stream on your work PC, but haven’t wanted to pony up the ten bucks to download Footstone or Cuppa Joe? Well, we’ve just cut the price in *half* for you.

Wanted to contribute some cash to Haiti quake relief, but didn’t have the ten bucks it took to get _Make The Load Lighter_? Well it’s never gonna be cheaper. Five bucks.

And to sweeten the deal for Mommyheads fans, we’ve added a *concert video* to the download of _Flying Suit_. That’s right, for just _five dollars_, you get the complete, remastered _Flying Suit_ MP3, plus the three bonus tracks, _and_ a DVD-quality concert video of the band performing “Worm” this past May at the Cave, in Sundyberg, Sweden!

We will _not_ throw in a set of steak knives – this is the best deal you’re gonna get! Visit our “online store”:http://www.dromedary-records.com/store and download away!