Dromedary Signs Jenifer Convertible!

It is with incredible happiness and pride that we announce that Dromedary has signed the mighty East Village noise pop quartet Jenifer Convertible!

This has been a long time coming. Dromedary Rev.1 flirted with JenCon for years, and ultimately was the last band that we worked with before beginning our hiatus.

Our hiatus, the impact it had on the band, and how the band moved forward was documented by guitarist Jim Santo in a guest entry in the Dromedary blog “here”:http://dromedaryrecords.wordpress.com/2009/12/28/a-guest-post-from-an-old-new-friend/

Jenifer Convertible released two critically-acclaimed 7″s on Puddle Records in the mid 90s, followed by the outstanding Wharton Tiers-produced CD _Wanna Drag_. In their wake, they left behind a host of _incredible_ music, and over the coming weeks we will be sifting through it with the band, eagerly anticipating the band’s *LONG* awaited debut on Dromedary Records!