Cuppa Joe contest!

As of today (January 4, 2012) we have leaked out three tracks from Cuppa Joe’s forthcoming CD _Tunnel Trees._

Do you know what they are? You can find them all, but you’ll have to hunt for them. We’re not Sub Pop; we can’t just get our music on every website we want just because we feel like it.

So we thought we’d have a contest. *If you can find the three songs and tell us their titles, you can win a chance to receive a FREE advance copy of _Tunnel Trees_, PLUS an _original_ copy of the band’s 1994 breakthrough CD, _Nurture_.*

The rules are simple:

1) Figure out the song titles.
2) Send an email to info(at)dromedary-records dot com telling us what they are.
3) Include your mailing address!

We’ll select one winner at random, and mail you a copy of the CDs.

But hurry up – this contest ends on SATURDAY, JANUARY 7. You need to enter by 11:59 PM!