The Aquarian weighs in on “Strike Hard!”

Add _The Aquarian Weekly_ to the growing list of publications giving rave reviews to _Strike Hard!_, the new album by *The 65’s*

What’s interesting about this review is that it’s not the punk-tinged hard rock the reviewer (Marissa Savino) enjoyed – it’s the acoustic stuff:

““Are You Sick of Me Yet” seems to be the most raw and expressive. The soft guitar chords are complimented by the vocals, which are dripping with longing and frustration. There is no question about it—this is what the band does best. The 65’s then allow room for their female vocalist, Cindi Merklee, to sing a beautiful acoustic track called “Worse Comes To.”

Check out the entire review “here”:

The 65’s have been getting raves everywhere since the album came out last month. Check it out for yourself here on the Dromedary website, or on the latest digital sampler from _Under the Radar_ magazine (which also features “The Saddest Place on Earth” by The Mommyheads.

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