Drink a Dromedary!

Friend of Dromedary and cocktail genius Tom of “Tom’s Cocktail Journey”:http://cocktailjourney.wordpress.com/ was cool enough to write about us on his blog this week. Better yet, he invented a cocktail for us!

Tom’s new cocktail is called The Dromedary, the recipe for which he’s posted on his blog. For the benefit of our own readers, I’ll post it here as well – it’s a tequila drink, which makes it fun.

# 2 oz Gran Centanario Tequila anejo
# 0.5 oz Demarera simple syrup
# 0.75 oz lemon juice
# 2 dashes Fee’s whiskey barrel aged bitters

shake and strain into a martini glass
garnish with a lemon twist

I realize we all like the boh here (“boh” is Footstone’s word for “beer,” and if you’re going to come back here often, you’ve got to learn that word), but for those days when you’re required to drink a grown-up drink, now you have one.

And don’t forget to visit “Tom’s Cocktail Journey”:http://cocktailjourney.wordpress.com/. It’s another one of those personal blogs that’s absolutely worth reading, as Tom takes us through his life, cocktail by cocktail.