Footstone Sticker Contest!

Back during the band’s prime, you could find Footstone stickers all over the New York/New Jersey area, and in every city they played. Inside club bathrooms, stuck to the bar, on lightposts and toll baskets, that ubiquitous Footstone logo wallpapered any surface that the band and its fans could find.

Now it’s time to bring back the Footstone sticker.

And we’re offering *big prizes* to the person who can “find” a Footstone sticker in the most unique place.

Don’t have a Footstone sticker? No sweat. You can pick one up dirt cheap in our “merch store”:, or you can sign up for our mailing list and we’ll send you an original, *vintage* Footstone sticker for free!

We’ll select winners based on the coolness of the picture and its location, and we’ll post them online for everyone to see.

Winners will receive *a copy of every record and CD we released in the 90s, along with a bunch of other stuff we distributed.* Basically, if we can dig one up, the winners get a copy. Let us see those stickers!

*PLUS,* each winner will receive a *FREE* high-quality MP3 download of the upcoming Footstone re-issue of Footstone’s _Lippy_ CD!

To enter, simply take a picture of a Footstone sticker in a unique location, and email it to

Time to start looking for those stickers!