Dromedary releases Make the Load Lighter: Indie Rock for Haiti

February 2, 2010, _New Jersey_ Just before the holidays, we uploaded the big news that the defunct, but revered Jersey-based indie label Dromedary Records would re-launch, thus reopening the front door for a bevy of records (and artists) that may have slipped further into the void of obscurity.

Dromedary, having taken a break for the better part of a decade due to the demands of life and the difficulties of a changing industry, is, through its resurgence, living proof that every setback is a set up for a comeback, so it’s more than apropos that the label’s first brand new release reaches out to make a struggle easier on others.

To that end, on Wednesday, February 3, Dromedary will release a compilation entitled _Make The Load Lighter: Indie Rock For Haiti_. The 16-track compilation will feature a healthy handful of great indie rock bands, some of which occupied spots on the Dromedary roster, but many of which come from label’s great stable of friends and colleagues. The turnaround of artists rising to the call was staggering. Within 72 hours, label proprietor Al Crisafulli had the entire comp fully slated!

All proceeds from _Make The Load Lighter_, which will be a digital-only release priced at $9.99 on the company’s website, will go to benefit the victims of the Haitian earthquake through an all-volunteer organization called *Vwa Ayiti* (Voice Of Haiti), who have been doing environmentally friendly, self-sustaining community development projects in Haiti since 2005.

Crisafulli says, “The title is taken from a Haitian expression “Many hands make the load lighter.” I think, given the circumstances, that’s exactly what we’re trying to do here.”

_Make The Load Lighter: Indie Rock For Haiti_ can be purchased beginning February 4 by visiting www.dromedary-records.com.

The compilation will also be made available on iTunes, Rhapsody and through other online retail outlets.

Here is the track listing:

1. Footstone: “For The Boss”
2. Boss Jim Gettys: “With A Smile”
3. Cuppa Joe: “Taniqua”
4. Moviola: “Calling On The Line”
5. Three Blind Wolves: “Sex Is For Losers”
6. Paula Carino: “The Great Depression”
7. Wallendas: “Adrianne”
8. The Neutron Drivers: “All Around The Sun”
9. The Dark Brothers: “Knee Deep In Sin”
10. There Will Be Fireworks: “Foreign Thoughts”
11. Gena Rowlands Band: “Fuckups Of The World Unite”
12. The Mommyheads: “Spiders”
13. Farewell Singapore: “Blue”
14. Jenifer Convertible: “St. Pete”
15. lions.chase.tigers: “To Their Blood”
16. Stuyvesant: “Salieri”

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