Up Next: Cuppa Joe’s “Busy Work EP!”

Back in 1993, we released the _Busy Work E.P._ – a wonderful slab of vinyl goodness from cuppa joe. The record contained three tremendous tracks: the classic “bottlerocket,” fan favorite “french toast,” and the beautiful “surface area.”

Pressed on cherry-red vinyl and numbered from 1-500 with artwork individually hand-colored (in crayon) by the band, the first pressing sold out within a few months. A second pressing (on black vinyl) sold nearly as quickly.

Within a few months, the band and Dromedary were hard at work on what would be the band and label’s masterpiece up until that point – the incredible CD _Nurture_. And once _Nurture_ was released, the _Busy Work EP_ became a collector’s item for cuppa joe fans, becoming tougher and tougher to find.

Eventually the band self-released some more music, put out a few 7″s and comp tracks on other labels, and began producing the revered indie zine _Science Geek_. As Dromedary faded and eventually went on hiatus, the _Busy Work EP_ disappeared from circulation.

Now, Dromedary is preparing to release an all-digital copy of the _Busy Work EP_ – and, in anticipation of the re-issue of an exciting new all-digital _Nurture_ CD this coming March, the _Busy Work EP_ will be made available for *free*, on this website, for your listening and downloading pleasure!

Keep coming back for it – we’ll be making it available for you within the next few weeks!