Dromedary signs the great Shirk Circus!

Fans of mid-90s indie pop will remember Shirk Circus as the Jersey-based, Descendents-influenced band that formed in early 1991 and performed for much of the decade, releasing two fantastic albums for the legendary Bar/None label.

The band’s first CD, the critically heralded masterpiece _Words To Say_ was recorded and produced by Ray Ketchem (now of Elk City) in under an hour. A stripped-down, collection of suburban angst, most of the album’s tracks were recorded in just one take with no overdubs. The result was 14 brilliant songs that captured the band’s raw energy and served as a taste of what looked to be an exciting future.

For their second CD, the band went in the opposite direction, retreating to Jody Stephens’ legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis. The result, _March_, was worlds apart, sonically, from their debut, but still captured the production values of Big Star and the immediacy and energy of the band.

After the release of _March_, which was not as successful commercially as anyone had hoped, the band began recording a third album. Unfortunately, the band imploded and the unfinished CD was never released.

Until now.

We’re thrilled to announce the forthcoming issue of a previously unreleased, unheard, and *LONG* awaited third Shirk Circus CD. We’ve heard it, and trust us – it will be worth the wait.

Stay tuned for more info.