An Anniversary, Of Sorts

A year ago today marked the day that Dromedary’s re-launch became “official.”

It was the weirdest of circumstances. We’d spent the better part of the past year telling the story of Dromedary on our “blog”: and had begun getting emails from people, asking where they could get the old music we were posting on some of our blog entries. One thing led to another and we were, suddenly, seriously kicking around the idea of becoming a record label again.

On September 5, though, at a surprise birthday party for me (I’m Al; I write most of these entries and articles and such), the great Footstone reunited for their first show in a decade.

It was, for me, a little weird – the band did not end well, and though much of the bad blood had become water under the bridge, it was still bizarre to see them all together beforehand. They were acting as if they’d never been apart (and really, these guys had been together as a band since they were in _high school_), and the normal pre-show jitters were present – Ralph a little bit pensive, Mark and Dave just a tiny bit goofier than normal, Eric just a little bit tense.

And then they hit the “stage” (actually, my lawn), and ten years of rust was shaken off within two songs. They played a set chock full of fan favorites, sounded fantastic, and by the time they closed with a cover of Cheap Trick’s “He’s A Whore,” the rebirth of Dromedary was complete.

Here, by the way, is that very cover.

It was a pretty special day, and it was one year ago today.