Dromedary to Celebrate 20th Birthday, Release Covers Compilation

*_Deluxe vinyl double-LP to feature covers of indie rock songs initially released in 1993_*

GREAT MEADOWS, N.J., April 26, 2013 – Micro-indie label Dromedary Records, in celebration of its 20th anniversary, has announced the summer release of _From ’93 ‘Til Infinity: A Dromedary Records Compilation_. The compilation, a deluxe vinyl double-LP, features more than a dozen contemporary indie bands, performing cover versions of seminal indie rock songs originally released in the label’s first year of operation, 1993.

Slated for release this July, the album will pay tribute to the music that served as the soundtrack to Dromedary’s launch 20 years ago.

“We’ve always felt that 1993 was a high water mark for independent music,” explained Dromedary Records owner Al Crisafulli. “Some of the most important independent rock bands and labels were at their creative peak at that time, and they helped inspire us when we were first getting started. We thought that a great way to celebrate a 20th birthday would be to revisit that music, 20 years later, in hopes of paying tribute to our influences while hopefully introducing some of them to new audiences.”

Artists covered on the compilation include Archers of Loaf, Vic Chesnutt, PJ Harvey, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Mommyheads, Liz Phair, The Posies, Seam, Smog, Souls of Mischief, Spinanes, Superchunk, Swervedriver, Teenage Fanclub, Versus, and Yo La Tengo. The artists appearing on the compilation, which are being kept a secret by the label until the release date draws closer, include bands from all over the world.

The compilation will be accompanied by a second compilation; a digital-only compilation called _Paid: Thanks for Shopping_ that features songs released by Dromedary over the past 20 years.

Founded in 1993 as a way of documenting the loud, guitar-centric pop music being created in the New Jersey/New York area at the time, the label’s roster quickly expanded to include artists from across the United States and, eventually, outside the country as well. Today, the label boasts an eclectic group of artists that includes Hoboken power pop band Stuyvesant, art pop four-piece The Mommyheads, psychedelic folk veterans Speed the Plough, no wave pioneer David Rat, Scottish post-rock band Penguins Kill Polar Bears, North Jersey alt-rockers The 65’s, and many more.

After 20 years, Crisafulli states that the label’s philosophy has not changed.

“I’ve always been that guy who wants to play you a song by a band you’ve never heard of,” he said. “Dromedary has provided me with a vehicle to do that on a slightly larger scale. I never much cared if a band had a big following, or if it was a regular, touring band. I just release music that I like, which tends to be noisy, guitar-oriented pop. That it’s turned into a small, friendly community of artists and fans over the years has been a great bonus.”

The label will celebrate the compilation and its 20th anniversary with its annual Camelfest shows this summer.