Dromedary to release “From ’93 ‘Til Infinity” Covers Compilation

On October 22, Dromedary Records will release its latest album, *From ’93 ‘Til Infinity: A Dromedary Records Compilation*. The compilation, which will initially be available as a limited edition CD and digital download, is being released to celebrate the label’s 20th anniversary.

The album is a “tribute album” of sorts, but is slightly different in that the collection does not pay tribute to a particular artist or musical genre, but to a *year* – 1993. Each of the songs covered on the compilation was initially released in 1993 – Dromedary’s birth year.

“The time during which the label was being hatched was one of the most creative periods for indie rock,” explained Dromedary cofounder and owner Al Crisafulli. “As we brainstormed, wrote letters, designed ads, assembled CDs and 7″s, the stereo was always playing – and the music of that year has held up so unbelievably well. When the time came for us to celebrate our 20th birthday as a label, it only made sense to pay tribute to those artists who inspired us as we were getting started.”

The album art, which features photos of and references to many of the artists that have been affiliated with Dromedary over the years, also pays tribute to one of the records that inspired the label at the outset.

“I’ve always thought compilations were cool,” explained Crisafulli, “and none were cooler than the _Why Do You Think They Call It Pop?_ compilation on Pop Narcotic Records of Boston. It featured many of my favorite bands, and was absolutely beautiful in every way. In my mind, it set the standard for indie rock compilations. As we paid tribute to the bands that inspired us, I also wanted to acknowledge that record, and so we asked the cover artist Lauren Kelley to incorporate that compilation right into the artwork. There are all sorts of little, hidden tributes like that all over the record – in the artwork, the song choices, the liner notes, everywhere.”

The compilation album will be released in conjunction with the label’s annual “Camelfest” music festival, which will be held at Asbury Lanes on October 18 and 19 and will feature performances by many of the artists on the compilation.

Unlike most Dromedary releases, *From ’93 ‘Til Infinity* will receive a local release before it becomes available nationally. “We want our friends and biggest supporters to hear it first,” explained Crisafulli. “We’re so appreciative of all the people who have inspired us to keep putting out records over the years, we wanted to make something just for them. We’ll release it on a wider scale later this fall.”

The album’s track listing, which has been kept under wraps until now, is as follows:

1. *The 65’s* – “Precision Auto” (originally recorded by Superchunk)
2. *Cinema Cinema* – “50 Ft. Queenie” (originally recorded by PJ Harvey)
3. *Varsity Drag* – “Let’s Electrify!” (originally recorded by Versus)
4. *Penguins Kill Polar Bears* – “93 ‘Til Infinity” (originally recorded by Souls of Mischief)
5. *Overlake* – “From A Motel 6” (originally recorded by Yo La Tengo)
6. *d.smithsucks* – “Fuck And Run” (originally recorded by Liz Phair)
7. *Stuyvesant* – “Duel” (originally recorded by Swervedriver)
8. *The Anderson Council* – “Flavor of the Month” (originally recorded by The Posies)
9. *The Brixton Riot* – “Might” (originally recorded by Archers of Loaf)
10. *Jean Homme & The Broken Telomeres* – “Radio” (originally recorded by Teenage Fanclub)
11. *Picnic* – “Something I Can’t Have” (originally recorded by The Jesus and Mary Chain)
12. *Guy Capecelatro III* – “Supernatural” (originally recorded by Vic Chesnutt)
13. *Tiger Saw* – “37 Push Ups” (originally recorded by Smog)
14. *Flash Flood* – “Autopilot” (originally recorded by Seam)
15. *Riel* – “Noel, Jonah & Me” (originally recorded by The Spinanes)
16. *Dots Will Echo* – “Sandman” (originally recorded by The Mommyheads)

The label plans to debut the album at Camelfest, and will stream the album live on the internet in the next week.