Speak Into My Good Eye Features Dromedary

The awesome NJ music blog *Speak Into My Good Eye* ran a dynamite feature today, covering Dromedary, our 20th birthday, Camelfest, and _From ’93 ‘Til Infinity_.

SIMGE is an excellent resource for NJ indie rock, something that’s been near and dear to us for 20 years. They’ve got some nice things to say about us, and they’re *also* streaming the new Yo La Tengo cover by Overlake _and_ the Teenage Fanclub cover by Jean Homme & the Broken Telomeres.

Check it out “here”:http://speakimge.com/simge-premiere-new-jerseys-dromedary-records-turns-20-celebrates-wtwo-shows-at-asbury-lanes-compilation-stream-it/