Just Added: Babe the Blue OX

We’ve known Babe for years. And yet none of us have ever met.

They’ve been around a couple of years longer than we have; over the years, a few Dromedary bands have shared the stage with them, and I think we first exchanged letters – actual LETTERS because we’re fucking old as dirt – in the 90s when we put out the Mommyheads’ Flying Suit LP. Over the years, Tim and I have exchanged periodic emails – sometimes years apart. Whenever I got an email from Tim, it always made me happy to know that Babe were still out there, making ridiculous, crazy, experimental, unique music.

They’ve got a new album out called What About Today? (all of Babe’s albums are named after Barbra Streisand albums, this one after the 1969 LP that was, up until that point, her poorest performance on the charts). News of the album caused us to reconnect, another of our periodic exchanges of hellos, and this one led to a quick discussion of DromFest, the discovery that their new album was actually recorded in Catskill (where DromFest is being held), and an agreement to add the mighty Babe the Blue OX to the DromFest lineup.

The band will be playing Sunday afternoon, and you should absolutely make it a point to be there.

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