Announcing DromFest ’24!

As Drom30 came to a close last year, a few people reflected on the weekend, and said “You know, you should make this an annual thing.”

We don’t know about that, but we definitely had it in us to reprise last year’s party and give it another try. And as we started asking other bands, we discovered people were enthusiastic about it.

So we’re thrilled to announce the second annual DromFest, a weekend-long celebration of independent rock in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, on August 30, 31 and September 1, 2024. The event will take place in and around the Avalon Lounge, one of the most creative and supportive spaces for adventurous music in the area.

This year’s lineup includes a number of musical luminaries, standout DJs, and some of our favorite figures in indie rock. The lineup looks like this:

The Figgs
The Chris Brokaw Rock Band
The Royal Arctic Institute

King Missile (Dog Fly Religion)
The Thalia Zedek Band
Poem Rocket
Karyn Kuhl & the Gang
Dew Claw
Readings by Bela Koe-Krompecher, Karen Schoemer and John S. Hall

Aeon Station
Cathedral Ceilings
The Human Hearts
Matt Hunter & the Dusty Fates
Screening of “Couldn’t You Wait – The Story of Silkworm”

We’ve got all kinds of other stuff in the works, including outdoor vendors, and another custom Dromedary beer, craft brewed right in the Hudson Valley in conjunction with another local brewer.

Friday night tickets and Saturday/Sunday Weekend passes are on sale NOW. Buy them here.

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