This week – Two Covers: Springsteen & Gabriel

We missed a week of covers from *Smallpox* due to various busy-related issues. So this week we’ll bring you TWO different covers – one, of the Bruce Springsteen classic “I’m On Fire,” and a second, of Peter Gabriel’s “Red Rain.”

Of Springsteen, singer/guitarist Daniel Smith says “One of the worst things about telling people you’re from Jersey is that everyone automatically assumes you like Bruce Springsteen. And when you tell them that you actually sort of hate the guy, they look at you like you have leprosy or something. But the thing is, even someone you can’t stand is still capable of writing a great song. Anyway, I tried to make this one ugly, sort of fantasized about him sitting there, listening to it and hating this version.”

Smith continues “I liked Peter Gabriel a lot when I was growing up, but didn’t really want anything to do with him in high school. The reason being, the people who liked Peter Gabriel when I was in high school were generally assholes. Eventually, though, I figured out that I actually always liked Gabriel – I just didn’t like assholes. In this case, if we’d taken these covers a little more seriously, you’d be listening to a cover of ‘Mercy Street.’ But again, we were inebriated, so now you get ‘Red Rain.’ And it’s pretty fucking messy. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to that ‘Mercy Street’ cover.

Listen to both tracks “here”: You can buy them for a dollar each, or you can buy the whole album for $18, and get the covers (there are 14 as of now) as we upload them every other week, plus the bonus tracks that we add from time to time.