Night Court

Striking a wild balance between embracing the spirit of inspiration and abandoning the strictures of inhibition, Night Court is set loose to draw new/glue repurposed maps over the post/pop/punk/lo-fi rock landscape. Wanting to travel light, the band decided to write only good songs with no unnecessary weight, leaving concentrated grooves of distorted/indelible catchiness in their wake. Where’d they find that sound? It gets me so excited.

Vancouver indie punk/garage pop band Night Court was born during the great lockdown of 2020 from lifelong friends Jiffy and Dave-O and quickly grew into 30 songs, 26 of which became their debut duology Nervous Birds! One and Too, and later compiled in a one cassette ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation on Spain’s Discos Peroquébien. Once Emil Taylor completed the power trio on drums in 2021, the band spent the next year playing locally, touring Canada and the US, and recording their third full length album -and first to be pressed on vinyl- HUMANS! – released June 9th on Debt Offensive Records in Canada and Snappy Little Numbers in the US.

Following the release of HUMANS! the band teamed up with New York indie Dromedary Records for the release of the Frater Set EP, a loosely Halloween-themed collection of short and speedy pop songs.

With a lo-if DIY approach to their recordings, Frater Set continues the band’s love affair with loud, messy, beautiful songs that are not likely to overstay their welcome. The album’s 5 songs- coming in under 8 minutes- were recorded at Magic Hour, the converted “studio” that Jiffy and Dave-O built in Jiffy’s garage. With a wide pool of influences and rave reviews- “loose and crazy indie punk-pop with solid drive and inventive style” (The Big Takeover), “kind of indie rock-ish at times, catchy yet dripping, with feedback in all the right places.” (Razorcake)- Night Court’s energetic live performances have earned them gigs supporting everyone from hometown punk progenitors Pointed Sticks to Welsh post-hardcore noise enthusiasts Mclusky. Currently booking dates in Canada and the US, Night Court demands attention, but long attention spans are not required.

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