Out Now – Reindeer Soul

We’re celebrating the release of Reindeer Soul, the debut LP by Matt Hunter & the Dusty Fates. We first heard Matt’s band – which included lots of old friends and members of bands we’ve admired for years – when we booked a show at the Avalon in Catskill with our pals in Savak. Matt is Savak’s bass player, and the Dusty Fates came up and played as well.

We fell instantly in love with the quality of the songwriting and the creative musicianship, with a three-guitar lineup featuring Matt, Evans Wohlforth (Glenn Branca) and Jim Santo (The Sharp Things), with Gerard Smith (Phantom Tollbooth) handling bass duties and Jeff Gensterblum (Savak) on drums. And when the opportunity arose to put out their debut, we couldn’t have jumped at the chance faster. We’re big fans of long-timers who are still making interesting, relevant music, and Matt surrounds himself with such people.

Glide magazine calls Reindeer Soul an “expansive and atmospheric stunner,” and we agree. Check it out in our webstore today!

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