Friends. Bandmates. Lifers.

Worldsucks is the culmination of 20-plus years of friendship and musical kinship. Guitarist/vocalist Mark Scully and drummer/vocalist Nick D’Amore started out in the NJ Hardcore scene of the mid-to-late 90s. They joined forces in 1998 when Nick joined NME, a ragtag quartet of musical misfits within the scene.

In the three years since their debut, Worldsucks has only gotten more ferocious. Their second record, A Reckoning, was released at the outset of the pandemic in early 2020. It’s the result of a sustained creative burst wherein the band wrote its fastest and most furious songs to date, mirroring Mark and Nick’s increasing frustration with U.S. society and the world around them – with an ever-so-slight glint of hope.

Now, Worldsucks has turned its attention to a new enemy: Christmas. To commemorate the holidays in These Uncertain Times ^TM^, the band injected the traditional song “Must Be Santa” with some much-needed fury and angst. But, that wasn’t dark enough. The band reached new depths of evil with a different spin on “Must Be Santa” with the soon-to-be-classic “Must Be Satan.” Two sides of the same gold foil chocolate coin.

Metal Christmas to all, and to all eternal night!


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