Coming Soon: The Mommyheads – Finest Specimens!

On the heels of Dromedary’s reissue of the classic Mommyheads CD _Flying Suit_, we’re ecstatic to announce that this fall, we will be releasing _Finest Specimens_.

Beginning with their incredibly creative and influential debut album _Acorn_ (Fang Records, 1989), the band has enjoyed a long history of creating incredible avant-pop and indie rock music. _Finest Specimens_ is a sort of “best of the Mommyheads” collection, containing 21 tracks that span the band’s entire career, right through 2008’s acclaimed CD _You’re Not A Dream_ (Bladen County Records).

With many of the band’s earlier works currently out of print, _Finest Specimens_ offers an excellent window into the band’s history. But that’s not all – the CD also contains four previously unreleased live tracks, including a spectacular version of the fan favorite “Needmore, PA” that was recorded on the band’s 2010 tour of Sweden.

And best of all, the CD contains a *brand new Mommyheads track* – the hauntingly beautiful ballad “When The Sun Breaks.”

Fang Records founder and NYC avant garde music veteran Chris Rael writes “I met the Mommyheads in 1988, when they were all still teenagers. They were child priests of progressive music, brilliant and ecstatic, richly talented and fearless in their pursuit of the new. They were sophisticated, funny, and shockingly cynical for their age, bending your brain and heart into pretzels. Soaking up sounds from the likes of XTC, James Brown, and Pussy Galore, they composed epic carnivals and jammed like banshees.

They have played some of the most exciting shows I’ve ever seen.

Everywhere they went, they left a trail of converts. The band relentlessly cris-crossed the country, built a devoted audience, and eventually broke up in the wake of an aborted major label deal in 1997.

Either together or as individuals, The Mommyheads will be heard from again.”

Out this October, _Finest Specimens_ is an excellent start.