Cinema Cinema

A pair of Brooklyn born & raised cousins who since 2008 have performed hundreds of shows across America, Canada and Europe. The experimental art-punk duo has worked with legendary producers Don Zientara and Martin Bisi, as well as having toured extensively with Greg Ginn (Black Flag/SST Records founder), and opened for Black Flag on their Summer, 2013 tour.

Cuppa Joe

Cuppa Joe formed in Trenton, New Jersey in 1991 and released several EPs and full-lengths on various indie labels in the 90s. After a lengthy hiatus, singer/guitarist Doug Larkin began writing and recording new songs, right around the same time as Dromedary re-formed and began releasing music again. In 2010, we released the band’s first new music in more than a decade, with Tunnel Trees.


d.smith is a reclusive musician, singer/songwriter and misanthrope, best known for his work with Bar/None recording artist Shirk Circus. In addition to temporary stints with Inger Lorre and The 65’s as well as releasing several solo efforts, he owns and operates Redrum Sound, a recording studio based in Hawthorne, NJ. He is also a founding partner of Rainhouse Multimedia, a production collaborative that provides audio and visual arts for film, television and the interwebs.


David Rat

DAVID RAT was an expatriate American author and former drummer/composer for pioneering New York No Wave legends RAT AT RAT R. Rat At Rat R were the third in an unholy triumvirate (along with Swans and Sonic Youth) which was a major force in New York City noise rock in the early to mid ’80s and helped establish alternative music as we know it today. In 2014, we released The United Hates, an album of avant-noise music set to David’s poetry, recorded in Buenos Aires, where David lived, teaching English and writing poetry. Sadly, David passed away in 2018, and we miss him very much.

David Rat

Dromedary Compilations

At Dromedary we recognize the importance of compilations, both as an art form and as a way to get lots of music into your hands at a low price.

Make the Load Lighter: Indie Rock for Haiti by Various Artists


Led by singer/guitarist Ralph Malanga, Footstone was a beer-swilling rock monster that decimated clubs in New Jersey and NYC throughout much of the 90s. Fueled by the thunderous bass antics of Mark Abney and the driving drums of Dave Noel, Footstone’s percussive, twin-guitar attack (Malanga along with guitarist Eric Greenberg) was a combination of raw energy and melodic hooks rarely seen in today’s indie rock.


Friends, Romans, Countrymen were a Jersey City based rock band that formed in 1990 and played with such greats as Pavement, Sunny Day Real Estate, Dead Milkmen, Doughboys, Garden Variety, Shirk Circus and American Standard. In 2010, Dromedary reissued the band’s final CD, I Am Spartacus.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen


Kayla Greet of Razorcake says: “Dare I say there’s a little Dino Jr. and Sonic Youth mixing in with layered My Bloody Valentine guitar effects. For how all over the place this record is, once you make it to the end you can fully see the through line they built into these songs. It’s really a neat and tightly packed gift, but assembled with heavy, psychedelic, and out of control elements.”


Guy Capecelatro III

Guy Capecelatro III is an enigmatic musician, a prolific singer and songwriter who tends to shun the spotlight, despite his contributions to an ongoing list of bands that includes Unbunny, Two Ton Santa, Beekeeper, and The Buckets. He also has more than a dozen solo efforts to his name, albums that include everything from country to metal, murder ballads to found sound.

Guy Capecelatro III

Jenifer Convertible

Jenifer Convertible were/are a fantastic East Village noise pop band that featured powerful songwriting, monstrous pop hooks, and incredible musical proficiency.

Jenifer Convertible

Joy Cleaner

Coming off the success of their debut album Total Hell (Jigsaw Records), North Jersey’s Joy Cleaner teamed up with Dromedary for an early autumn single. The band, featuring guitarist Joey Degroot, bassist Kyle Wilkerson and drummer Justin Grabosky, feature “wall-to-wall hooks” in the vein of such artists as Teenage Fanclub or The Lemonheads.

Penguins Kill Polar Bears

One of Scotland’s most exciting bands in the early 2010s, Penguins Kill Polar Bears paired up with Dromedary to release Vessels & Veins in 2011 North America as an intro to this great band. Featuring four previously-unreleased tracks plus two remixed tracks from Dawn, the US version of the EP was released in March of 2011 on CD and digital download.

Penguins Kill Polar Bears

Positive No

Positive No creates melodic, unpredictable pop balanced with tension and energy, a continuation of DIY veterans writing emotionally raw and dynamic songs with lyrics that are as thoughtful as the music. The unique language developed between the band members is like that of a well-established family.

Positive No


Hopped up on a steady diet of everything, SAVAK formed in 2015 by members of Obits, Holy Fuck, and The Cops. This brand new 8” lathe cut is SAVAK’s 3rd release in 2020, following on the heels of their 4th LP, Rotting Teeth in the Horse’s Mouth, and the “Feel What You Feel” 7” single. These two songs were recorded as part of the Rotting Teeth sessions, but made more sense as a separate release, and Dromedary stepped in to do just that. Anthony Roman from Radio 4 played bass on “The Point of the Point.” Eli Kasan from the Gotobeds did the cover artwork.

Shirk Circus

Shirk Circus was an edgy, dangerous, brilliant monster of a band, and it pleases us to no end to be the label bestowed the honor of presenting their final recordings to you.

Shirk Circus - This Band Will Destroy Your Life

Sink Tapes

With 20+ releases over ten years of writing, recording and performing in the U.S. and Canada, Sink Tapes lives on in the form of primary singer/songwriter Gabe Chiarello. Originally hailing from New Brunswick, NJ, Chiarello’s multi-instrumentalist approach to indie pop anthem-crafting waxes experimental and, at time, downright psychedelic.

Sink Tapes

Speed The Plough

Speed the Plough is a New Jersey-based band that has been playing since 1984. The name, from an old Scottish folk song, was plucked from a book of sheet music just days before their first gig, which was at Maxwell’s in Hoboken,

Speed the Plough


Comprised of singer/guitarists Sean Adams and Ralph Malanga, guitarist Eric Greenberg, bassist Jeffrey Crowe and drummer Scotty Imp, the band are lovely, mild-mannered gents who bash away at their instruments like deranged dads. Over 13 years, the band has produced a bunch of records and 9 kids, along the way called “A zillion times over more smart and more sincere than the latest batch of ersatz flakes hogging the limelight” by The Big Takeover, with Spin magazine adding “even with the suburban mollification of the Vans Warped Tour, down-to-earth, old-school pop-punk is still spry and kicking.


The 65's

Drawing on years of experience and wide array of influences, it’s no wonder why their debut album, Strike Hard! on Dromedary Records was described as “an amalgam of college-rock’s brightest moments” by Jim Testa in The Jersey Journal, a “delightful mix of styles” by Magnet magazine and “affecting and impressive in equal measure” by Joe Wawrzyniak of Jersey Beat.

The 65s

The Mommyheads

“The Mommyheads are a true indie rock national treasure.”
-Fun Fun Fun

The Mommyheads

You, Me, and This Fuckin' Guy

John S. Hall of King Missile fame is back with You, Me and This Fuckin’ Guy (formerly King Missile IV), featuring Azalia Snail and Dan West of LoveyDove.