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New FRC Video!

Stuart Wexler, friend of Dromedary and filmmaker who is currently working on _Cruel But Fair_, a documentary of the New Brunswick, NJ music scene in the 1990s, was kind enough to bring some HD cameras to the Dark Brothers/Friends, Romans, Countrymen/Footstone reunion show at Maxwell’s last month and film FRC’s set.

In advance of the release of the Friends, Romans, Countrymen CD _I Am Spartacus_, Stuart edited together this video of FRC performing “The Day Footstone Died,” the band’s song about the 1999 demise of one of New Jersey’s best indie bands, Footstone.

_I Am Spartacus_ will be available digitally tomorrow, here on the Dromedary website as well as at all finer online retailers. CDs will also be available for mailorder.

Check it out!

The Day Footstone Died from Meat + Potato Brand Graphics on Vimeo.

Cuppa Joe Radio Interview and New Video!

On the eve of the release of Cuppa Joe’s incredible CD _Nurture_, Doug and Steve appeared on the Lazlo’s Den radio program on Topics of discussion included the re-release of _Nurture_, the new tracks that have been added to the album, the time travel made possible by the internet and more.

You can listen to a re-broadcast of the interview “at this link.”:

While we’re at it, Doug and honorary Cuppa member Seamus recorded this lovely version of “Beauty of an Unshared Thing” for your enjoyment!

Dromedary to Reissue The Mommyheads’ “Flying Suit” CD!

The Mommyheads were the biggest and most popular band ever to release a record on Dromedary. The _Flying Suit_ CD, initially released in 1995, sold out of three pressings within months, as the band toured the United States in Canada with the likes of The Posies and Guided By Voices. The CD went on to become an indie rock classic, receiving stellar reviews and college radio airplay everywhere.

When we reconnected with the band in mid 2009, we began talking about a re-release of _Flying Suit_ on Dromedary. Perhaps a European tour. And some additional tracks, to flesh out _Flying Suit_ with some additional songs recorded and released during that period – including “Day Job,” the song that rocked our world throughout 1993. And the songs were all remastered beautifully, bringing out elements of the music that we’d never heard before. What a fantastic album.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that this May, we will be re-releasing the classic _Flying Suit_ CD, *completely and beautifully remastered*, with *three additional tracks*. Even if you own the original _Flying Suit_ you’ll owe it to yourself to pick up the 2010 version – each track sounds phenomenally better, and the three additional tracks – each one an early ’90s classic from the band – round out this incredibly-crafted, articulate pop masterpiece.

For a sneak preview of the beauty of the remastered _Flying Suit_, check out the track “Spiders” from the Dromedary compilation _Make the Load Lighter: Indie Rock for Haiti_. Then sit back and wait patiently – we’ll have the new version streaming this Spring.

And for you Mommyheads fans in northern Europe who have waited for years to see the band, your wait is almost over. We’re proud to announce the The Mommyheads will be *touring* Scandinavia this Spring!

Dromedary In The News!

Dromedary and Dromedary bands have been all over the place the last few weeks. Check out what people are saying!


The release of Footstone’s _Lippy_ has generated quite a bit of interest.

The _Aquarian Weekly_ wrote a blurb on the Dromedary and _Lippy_ re-launch, as well as the Footstone/FRC/Dark Brothers show at Maxwell’s. You can read that “here”:

Jay Lustig of the _Star-Ledger_ in New Jersey wrote a nice piece on Dromedary, Footstone, _Lippy_, and _Make The Load Lighter_ that can be found “here”:

The literary blog _I Just Read About That_ wrote about _Lippy_ “here”:

On March 1, the track “Toothpick” from the _Lippy_ CD was offered by eMusic as their *Free Daily Download*. Right after that, the track “Mad-G” received a ton of coverage, starting with _Brooklyn Rocks_, who offered the track for free and wrote all about Footstone “here”:

The *POP! Stereo* blog called “Mad-G” one of the “Ten Tracks You Need” that same week, offering it for free download “here”:

The _Quirky NY Chick_ music blog offered it for free “here”: and _NJ.com_ offered it “here”:


Although the Haiti tragedy was two months ago, the people of Haiti still need our help. The blogosphere is well aware of this, and they’ve been kind enough to give our awesome compilation quite a bit of coverage.

Jim Testa wrote about it on the _Jersey Beat_ blog “here”: and the Boston-based music blog Bradley’s Almanac covered it “here”: (check the Feb. 22 entry).

The Scottish indie music blog Jockrock wrote about the compilation in their “March 2 entry”:

The indie music blog “Heroes of Indie Music”: offered the Mommyheads’ “Spiders” as a free download, as did “The Devil Has The Best Tuna”:

“Spiders” seemed to be a popular download earlier this month, as it was also featured on the “Mad Mackerel music blog”: and “POP! Stereo”:

We were also mentioned on “Under The Radar”: back at the beginning of March. The Scottish indie music press have been very kind to us.

Stick around – there’s lots of stuff going on, and we’ll tell you all about it right here!

Dromedary Inks Friends, Romans, Countrymen!

On February 6 at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, a capacity crowd saw a blistering set by the Dark Brothers, followed by outstanding, long-anticipated reunions from Friends, Romans, Countrymen and Footstone.

FRC took the stage with the song “The Day Footstone Died,” an homage to the influence and power of Footstone. The song was the lead track on their CD _I Am Spartacus_, which was released just a few years ago. Due to the band’s hiatus, however, the CD never saw wide release.

We’re proud to announce that we’ll be making that release available digitally in April, and will also have real, live, physical CD copies that you can purchase right here at the Dromedary website.

Stay tuned for more info about how you can get your hands on a copy of this fantastic, unheralded pop-core release!

Digital EP Giveaway – Cuppa Joe’s Busy Work!

In advance of the digital rerelease of Cuppa Joe’s outstanding CD _Nurture_, we’re proud to offer you a *FREE* copy of the band’s 1993 debut, the _Busy Work EP_.

_Busy Work_, initially released on 7″ vinyl format, was a special point in Dromedary’s history. A true beacon of the DIY/indie movement of the mid-90s, _Busy Work_ featured all the things that made DIY music great – outstanding songwriting, home-spun artwork (hand-colored in crayon by the band, in homage to the EP’s title), an initial pressing on cherry-red vinyl, and sequential numbering for the first thousand copies.

The initial pressing sold out within months, and a second pressing just about sold out as well.

With just a few copies remaining in existence, _Busy Work_ has been unavailable since 1993. If you didn’t buy a copy then, you couldn’t get one.

Until now.

To acquire your own digital copy of the EP, *all you need to do is sign up to be on Dromedary’s email list*. It’s simple. Look in the upper-right corner of this page, and you’ll see a box to enter your email address. You’ll then receive a confirmation email where we’ll ask you to give us a little more info about yourself. Before the end of February, we’ll send you a link where you can download the EP for *FREE*.

Before you freak out about being added to our email list: we promise. We won’t give your email address to ANYONE else, and we’ll only use it to send you periodic emails about what we’re up to. It’s tough for an indie label to reach you with news, and having your email address is a great way for us to communicate with you, let you know about new releases, shows in your area, and that sort of thing.

Here’s what _Popwatch_, our favorite ’90s pop zine, had to say about _Busy Work_:

“…I think I’m the only one here who’s noticed how neat these three songs are, combining northeast USA nerdy-boy accents and heavily-British record collections. Cuppa Joe remind me of very early Primal Scream (but with a more normal vocal range) and of recent Wimp Factor 14 (minus the banging-on-buckets angle). ”Bottle Rocket” is a frenetic, earnest, jangly description of suburban guilt, “Surface Area” lopes up and down the well-worn slopes of a failing romance, and if the words aren’t exactly full of new ideas, the inherent rightness of the various tunes more than makes up for it.”