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One Week Away: I Am Spartacus

h4. Friends, Romans, Countrymen

h4. _I Am Spartacus_

Just one week until the official street date for _I Am Spartacus_, the dynamite CD from Friends, Romans, Countrymen.

Now, you can hear the CD in its entirety, streaming for *FREE* right here on the Dromedary Records website!

On April 6, we’ll have CDs available for purchase right here at, and the entire record will be available for download at finer online music stores everywhere.

Mommyheads Announce Swedish Tour Dates!

That’s right, to support the release of the new _Flying Suit_, The Mommyheads will be hitting the road for a brief but powerful tour of Sweden – the band’s first tour in two years!

Date as follows:

May 20, 2010 – 2 Lingon & Blåbär – Västerås, Västmanlands län
May 21, 2010 – Alcazar/Nalen – Stockholm, Stockholms län
May 22, 2010 – The Cave – Sundbyberg, Stockholms län
May 23, 2010 – Polar Studios – Stockholm
May 26, 2010 – Munkkällaren – Visby, Gotlands län
May 27, 2010 – TBA – TBA, Kronobergs län
May 28, 2010 – Stallarna – Växjö, Kronobergs län
May 29, 2010 – TBA

Stay tuned right here or to the Mommyheads’ “MySpace page”: for more updates!

Also, check out the “Catbird Seat”: for a free MP3 of the _Flying Suit_ track “Worm!”

Mommyheads Live Video!

Check out this music video, from 1995, of The Mommyheads performing “Broken and Glazed.”

“Broken and Glazed” appeared on the band’s 1995 CD _Bingham’s Hole_ (Dot Dot Dash). The live footage was filmed at the Paradise Lounge in San Francisco, and the video was created by Dave Gresalfi.

_Flying Suit_ hits the street on May 18. Get excited – it’s truly an amazing record.

New York Magazine reviews Flying Suit

…in 1994, that is. Here’s what _New York Magazine_ had to say about the original _Flying Suit_ release:

bq. _”A hidden treasure that’s been roaming indie-rock byways from Brooklyn to San Francisco for years, the Mommyheads specialize in winsomely low-key, perfectly cut gems of avant-pop. There are keyboards but of the clunky, Modern Lovers variety; there are guitars but overlaid and cross-hatched with a baroque imagination worthy of XTC. The surreally poetic lyrics and quirky arrangements give way to gorgeous vocal harmonies and hooky, Beatlesque choruses that last and last. This record, like their last for the superhip label Simple Machines, is an embarrassment of riches, but the unfashionably clean production and note-perfect playing shows anything but embarrassment.”_

_Flying Suit_ hits the streets again in just five weeks. Exquisitely remastered by Fred Kevorkian (The White Stripes, Phish, Stuyvesant), the album features three bonus tracks that did not appear on the original.

To hear tracks from the remastered album, “friend us on Facebook:: – we’ll be posting a few tasty treats over there as we get closer to the street date.

And for our friends in Scandinavia – brace yourselves for a Mommyheads spring tour!

New FRC Video!

Stuart Wexler, friend of Dromedary and filmmaker who is currently working on _Cruel But Fair_, a documentary of the New Brunswick, NJ music scene in the 1990s, was kind enough to bring some HD cameras to the Dark Brothers/Friends, Romans, Countrymen/Footstone reunion show at Maxwell’s last month and film FRC’s set.

In advance of the release of the Friends, Romans, Countrymen CD _I Am Spartacus_, Stuart edited together this video of FRC performing “The Day Footstone Died,” the band’s song about the 1999 demise of one of New Jersey’s best indie bands, Footstone.

_I Am Spartacus_ will be available digitally tomorrow, here on the Dromedary website as well as at all finer online retailers. CDs will also be available for mailorder.

Check it out!

The Day Footstone Died from Meat + Potato Brand Graphics on Vimeo.

Cuppa Joe Radio Interview and New Video!

On the eve of the release of Cuppa Joe’s incredible CD _Nurture_, Doug and Steve appeared on the Lazlo’s Den radio program on Topics of discussion included the re-release of _Nurture_, the new tracks that have been added to the album, the time travel made possible by the internet and more.

You can listen to a re-broadcast of the interview “at this link.”:

While we’re at it, Doug and honorary Cuppa member Seamus recorded this lovely version of “Beauty of an Unshared Thing” for your enjoyment!